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Unlike most event guides out there, our curators help you discover what's happening in the business, tech and creative industries. So, we'll let you know about an amazing free public lecture, conference or meetup rather than the latest coffee jaunt or music venue worth visiting. Think of it as 'mind food' for your learning and doing pleasure. We also know people aren't one-dimensional creatures so we like to mix things up a bit via our cross-community outlook. Our content is perfect for newcomers and longtime city dwellers alike.

The Fetch is currently delivered in a weekly email digest and daily via our social feeds. You'll find relevant events, news, jobs, local profiles and must-reads as well as tailored offers from our select partners.

The bigger mission of The Fetch is to enable everyone to discover, enjoy and love what they do. We provide industry access and awareness so you can get out there, get connected and rock your work life.

Our story

Starting in Melbourne, Australia in mid–2011, and officially launching in the US in 2013, founder Kate Kendall was struggling to keep up with all the great stuff happening around town and couldn’t find a central place for the information:


"If I wanted to find out what was on, I had to click on 20 different websites and newsletters. Many services also existed just to promote their own stuff. Organizers were also starting and running exactly the same events, and people were unsure if any were actually worth attending! There's so much noise on the web today, so I decided to curate the information in an email and send it to my network. The response was promising and The Fetch quickly grew to other people and cities within the year. Now we're building the platform and community for professionals to share and discover what's happening in their city."

Get involved

We're covering new cities all the time and would love to hear from you if you'd like to curate a Fetch in your city. Simply email kate@thefetch.com with a bit about you and why your city needs a Fetch.

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